Source Water

Flo Water stations source their water from the local water utility, which has to adhere to the strict water quality standards set in place by the EPA of the United States.

Preliminary Filtration

Once the source water enters the Flo Water station, it is met by a preliminary sediment filter, which removes large suspended solids such as dirt and rust. After the water passes through the sediment filter, it is met by a granular activated carbon filter, which removes chlorine, bad odors, undesirable taste, and smaller suspended solids.

Reverse Osmosis

The water is then forced through a molecular level filtration system called reverse osmosis (RO) from a high pressure pump. The reverse osmosis process removes bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, heavy metals and all dissolved solids. Reverse Osmosis is the state of the art filtration system that is used by all water bottle companies that bottle "purified" water.

The Great Taste

Once the Reverse Osmosis filtration process is completed, the water passes through a coconut carbon filter that provides Flo Water with a crisp, fresh, and delicious taste.

Final Disinfectant Technology

The highly filtered and great tasting water is then treated by a final disinfection technology called ultraviolet (UV) light to make sure it is of the highest quality before it enters your reusable water bottle.

Monitoring Quality

All Flo Water stations are equipped with remote monitoring and Flo Water stations are maintained by trained Flo Water personal. Filters are routinely tested and changed to ensure that Flo Water is of the highest quality!